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Plan B

I used to have a better handle on my brain
Instead of rational, I’d feel a bit of pain
If I lost this sense of what was wrong or right
I just found it in this mess of my anticipated life

Shake this feeling of funny self-control
You know it won’t do a thing to save your soul
Let it trickle now through your tired hands
A little tickled cause I think you’d understand

Plan B for your original life
Plan B cause I think you might be right
About the things bent memories might recall
And the people that you didn’t know at all

You used to scream and shout with me out loud
At the perfect people’s lives that made them proud
And their fancy things that really weren’t that new
Another reason to hate what you were, too

But look around and try to smile with me
We’re all bidding for a bit of sanity
The disappointment will eat your heart right through
You feel it now? Well, I know that I do, too.

Think I’ll be a while so go ahead
Thought to inspire, got this instead
Hope you won’t mind that these plans you’ve made…
Was it what you wanted, was it what you wanted?
Isn’t what you wanted, isn’t what you wanted, anyway